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Risotto        / ARBORIO RICE                          Insalate         / SALAD

           Risotto al Salmone                          £12.95   Insalate Nicoise                            £5.95
           Fresh Salmon fillet cooked with peppers,             Mixed leaves, chunks of Tuna,
           mushrooms, asparagus spears in a creamy white        marinated olives, anchovies, boiled egg, capers
           wine and ragu sauce. This is a fish lovers           and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil
           favourite rice dish
                                                                Greco (v)                                        £5.95
           Risotto Pescatore                     £12.95
                                                                Crispy Iceberg lettuce with cucumber, red onion,
           Mixed marinated seafood cooked in a creamy
                                                                feta cheese and marinated olives, oregano
           pomodoro sauce, with a hint of garlic and
                                                                and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil
           ground black pepper
           Risotto Gorgonzola (V)                 £12.95        Viva Speciale                                          £5.95
           Risotto rice cooked in creamy mushroom and           Our chefs combination of mixed leaf salad
           pomodoro sauce, mixed with gorgonzola cheese         with cherry tomatos, red onion, red cabbage,
           and a splash of lemon juice. Giving this dish a      olives,cucumber and sweetcorn
           tangy and tasty flavour
                                                                Insalate Profondo Rosso             £5.95
           Pollo Risotto                                       £12.95
                                                                Mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, beetroots and
           Fried risotto rice with chicken fillet,
                                                                blueberries dressed with pomegranate molasses,
           mushroom, onion, green pepper and olives
                                                                balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil
                                                                topped with parmesan shavings.
                    Pesce        / FISH


           Note: The following dishes are served with a                                  / SIDE DISHES
           garnish and a choice of French fries, seasoned
           wedges, salad or rice. You can replace any of the
                                                               Hand cut chips                              £3.65
           above with fresh vegetables for an extra £1.95
                                                               Seasoned potato wedges           £3.65
           Salmone Sorentine                     £17.95
           Fresh Scottish salmon fillet in our chef’s special   Onion rings                                     £3.65
           cream, mushroom, Martini and
           white wine sauce                                    Selection of vegetables               £3.65
           Branzino                                       £17.95  Slices of ciabatta bread              £3.65
           Sea bass fillet grilled and finished in
           the oven with rosemary, lemon and                   Rosemary New Potatoes            £3.65
           a touch of garlic on a bed of rocket
                                                               Parmesan & rocket salad            £3.65
           Salmone Asparagus                        £17.95
           Oven baked salmon fillet cooked in a white
           wine, asparagus, hint of garlic and tarragon          KIDS MENU                            £6.95
           cream sauce, topped with a giant half shell mussel.
           Salmone alla Lemone                       £17.95      Any Pizza or Pasta from the
           Fresh fillet of Scottish salmon cooked in the oven
           served with prawns, lemon, fresh herbs in             menu available in smaller size
           a creamy white wine sauce
           (Add fresh mixed seafood to your sauce: Extra £1.55)
           Gamberoni                                   £18.95   NOTE: There is a small possibility that nut traces may
                                                                be found in any menu item. We advise you to speak to
           King prawns grilled and cooked in
                                                                a member of staff if you have any allergies or
           onion, mushroom, garlic, tomato paste and
                                                                intolerances to any foods before placing your order.
           a white wine sauce
           Gamberoni Provinciale                   £18.95       (Please ask member of staff to provide you with allergies
           King prawns pan fried in garlic, tomato,
           mushroom, onion and a wine sauce                     Our prices include Value Added Tax at the current rate.
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