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Le Pizze / PIZZA                                          Calzone

Margherita (V)                                    £8.95   Vegetali Calzone (V)                               £10.25

Vivas homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella                   Our classic pizza base, folded with mushrooms,
cheese and Italian herbs
                                                          red onion, peppers, aubergine, and zucchini,

                                                          topped with our homemade Napoli sauce.

Melanzana (V)                                     £10.55  Served with a salad garnish

Delicious grilled aubergine, mushrooms, onions,           Manzo Calzone                                      £11.55

artichokes, olives, peppers and grilled Zucchini          Our classic pizza base, folded with ham,
                                                          pepperoni, salami, chicken, and polpette,
Tropicana                                         £10.55  topped with our homemade Ragu sauce
                                                          and served with a salad garnish
An old classic with ham, mushroom
and pineapple                                             Di Frutti di Mare Calzone                          £12.75

                                                          Our classic pizza base, folded with a selection

Diavola (H)                                       £10.55  of seafood and served with a salad garnish

Pepperoni, Buffalo ricotta cheese and spicy               Picante Calzone (H)                                £11.25
hot green chillies
                                                          Our classic pizza base folded with spice beef,

                                                          peppers, onions, mushrooms and fresh chillies,

Quattro Formaggi                                  £10.55  topped with our Napoli sauce and served with

Four of our favourite Italian cheeses                     a salad garnish
each quarter
                                                          Ananas Calzone                                     £11.25

                                                          Our classic pizza base folded with chicken,

Quattro Stagioni                                  £10.95  mushrooms and pineapple, topped with our

Four seasons in one with anchovies,                       Napoli sauce and served with a salad garnish
olives, mushrooms and peperoni
                                                          (Additional fillings) £1.45

Della Cassa                                       £11.75

Minced beef, ham, pepperoni, chicken and salami           Maiale / PORK

Speciale                                          £12.95

Our own homemade meatballs with salami,

buffalo riccotta cheese, mushrooms, caramelised           Note: The following dishes are served with a
                                                          garnish and a choice of French fries, seasoned
onion and then topped with egg (free range)               wedges, pasta tossed in butter, salad or rice.
                                                          You can replace any of the above with fresh
and parmesan shavings
                                                          vegetables for an extra £1.95
Marinara                                          £12.95

A selection of seafood with ground black                  Maiale alla Crema
pepper to add to these fun flavours


Del Pastore                                       £10.95  Tender fillet of pork with onion and mixed

Chicken, goat's cheese, spinach, jalapenos                peppers and cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce
and sunblush tomatoes.
                                                          Maiale con Pesto                                   £14.55

                                                          Tender fillet of pork lightly fried in butter and

(Additional topping) £1.45                                leeks and cooked in our basil and pesto creamy sauce

                                                          Maiale Sorpresa                                    £14.55

                                                          Prime pork fillet in a basil sauce topped with

                                                          parma ham and mozzarella cheese then baked

                                                          in the oven
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