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La Pasta / PASTA                                       Lasagne Classico                             £10.95

Choose your pasta:                                        Our famous lasagne with layers of pasta,

Fettucini, Spaghetti or Penne                             minced beef, mushrooms and tomato, topped with

                                                          mozzarella cheese and then finished in the oven

                                                          Lasagne Verdi (V)                            £10.25

                                                          Layers of pasta with mixed vegetables and
                                                          tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella
                                                          cheese and finished in the oven

                                                          Salsa di Pollo                               £11.25

Choose your sauce:                                        Our popular pasta dish with diced chicken

                                                          breast, mushrooms, onions, fresh herbs and

                                                          a hint of pomodoro & garlic in a creamy sauce

Pasta con Ragu                                £10.45

Our traditional homemade Ragu sauce is slow               Salmone                                      £12.95

cooked with mince beef, fresh rosemary and                Fresh salmon fillet with mushrooms, onions,

pomodoro sauce                                            tarragon and a hint of garlic in a creamy

                                                          pomodoro sauce

Bolognese                                     £10.25

Our traditional homemade bolognese recipe                 Pescatore                                    £12.95

Pomodoro (V)                                       £9.75  Marinated mixed seafood cooked in a
                                                          pomodoro sauce and a hint of mascarpone
Our homemade Napoli sauce with a hint                     cheese to finish of this tasty dish then
of basil and garlic oil                                   topped with giant green muscles
                                                          Note: extra anchovies 95p

Carbonara Classico                            £10.95      Pasta Amatriciana (H)                        £10.75
Our favourite original Carbonara with bacon,              Our favourite pomodoro sauce with            £11.75
                                                          pancetta,onion, fresh chilli, olive oil &    £11.75
mushroom, in creamy wine sauce and finished               a hint of Worcester sauce
with an egg yolk (free range) (replace bacon              Pasta Carnoso

with Pancetta for extra 95p)                              Pasta with diced chicken, pepperoni,
                                                          bolognese sauce, mushrooms, cream,
Pollo Carbonara                               £11.95      olives and fresh herbs.

Our creamy white wine sauce with green peas,              Gamberetti e Tortellini

mushrooms and egg yolk (free range) and topped            Delicate pasta parcels stuffed
                                                          with ricotta cheese and Atlantic
with butterfly marinated grilled chicken                  prawns in a cream and
                                                          mascarpone basil pesto
Arrabbiata (V) (H)                            £10.25
                                                          Ravioli con Crema
A mix of green peppers, red onions, fresh chilli,
                                                          Delicate pasta parcels stuffed
fresh basil and a hint of garlic in our Napoli sauce      with ricotta cheese in a light
                                                          cream sauce and topped
Vegetariano (V)                               £10.55      with smoked salmon and
                                                          Atlantic prawns
A mix of roasted artichoke, onions, peppers,
                                                          Additional Pasta Add-ons
zucchini, olives, basil pesto and our tomato sauce

Polpette                                      £10.95

Our homemade Italian meatballs with a
tomato base sauce and wild herb oil,
topped with parmesan shavings
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